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If you are a brand, individual, company or representative of a brand individual or company and would like to discuss partnership or sponsorship with Love Stories Online, please contact us below.

To help us better respond to your inquiry, please include the following information: advertiser, campaign type, campaign duration, and campaign budget. We’re happy to work with you directly on your upcoming advertising campaign.

The following types of advertising are available:

  1. Standard display advertising (submit your audio/short video clip for use in our show)
  2. Graphic banner advertisement on our website. A few options for display are available, such as (#1 Under Nav Bar) (#2 Just Above Footer) (#3 Widget Sidebar). Pages available for banners are: Home and Share More Stories!
  3. Giveaways, sponsored shows, etc.
    We only do sponsored shows on products or services that we have tried and actually enjoy and believe in. Also, we only consider those that do not require a tight deadline. Please keep this in mind and contact us early enough to provide ample time if you have certain dates in mind. We operate on a first come first serve basis.

Please note we do NOT allow the following types of advertising:

  1. Obtrusive display advertising (high impact, takeover, roadblock)
  2. Custom Content Development & Initiatives
  3. Email gathering (We respect the privacy of our subscribers and will not divulge their email addresses, as per our privacy policy.)

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